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Pediatric Optometrist You Can Trust in Memphis, Tennessee

Catch It Early

Childhood is a time for playing and growing. Unfortunately, poor vision causes many children to fail in school and not enjoying daily activities. Often, this problem is not immediately apparent. If a child has an eye disorder that goes untreated, it could potentially affect their entire life. Ensure that your child receives the comprehensive attention and examination that they need to enjoy their life with confident, clear vision. 

A Proper Inspection

There is a general misconception that a school vision screening is thorough enough to catch any problem with a child’s vision. In actuality, they only test visual acuity. Even common conditions, such as being nearsighted, may be missed with this test. Call us to ensure that your child receives an exam that provides a detailed analysis of their vision and ocular health. 

It’s Never Too Early

The sooner you catch a problem with your child’s vision, the sooner they can be treated. Many children live with easily correctable conditions simply because they do not have enough awareness to understand that something is wrong. We can perform exams on children as young as toddlers and infants with tests designed specifically for them. 

Our Pediatric Optometrists

Our specialist at Master Eye Associates have decades of experience providing vision correction to the children of Memphis, Tennessee. We use only the most advanced technologies to ensure that your children receive the best analysis and treatment available. Don’t let a potential eye disorder affect your child’s life. We will provide them with the treatment they need to get enjoy clear vision for a lifetime.