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Macular Degeneration in Memphis, Tennessee

Effective Treatments for Vision Impairment

Blurry vision may come out of nowhere. However, once you have it, you know something is wrong. Macular degeneration usually develops as a person ages. As you get older, the nerves in your retina begin to wear out. This leads to a lack of focus or clarity, which makes your vision blurry.
When this happens, you might find that even glasses won’t help correct vision issues. That’s because it is no longer just a matter of lens or light correction. Instead, it’s a problem with the cells in the back of your eyes. 
Consult with Master Eye Associates if you suspect that you have this problem. We’re eager to help you regain as much sight as possible.
Macular Degeneration

Addressing Macular Degeneration

You will want to get a specialized eye exam to find out if this is your issue. It’s important to distinguish between macular degeneration and other conditions. If this is a matter of an outdated prescription or something else, the solution could be simple. Be sure to talk with a professional before making any conclusions.

Custom Solutions for You and Your Family

Macular degeneration is a complicated condition. It can result from a number of different factors, each with their own treatments and care options. If it results from swelling blood vessels, then medication and surgery may be available. Most forms of this disorder fall into this category.
On the other hand, if the degeneration is due to atrophy, there are few treatments available. You can help prevent your eyes from reaching this stage by making key lifestyle choices. These include dietary changes, using sunglasses and avoiding common sources of eye damage. Our experts will gladly advise how you can reconcile your current lifestyle with these new needs.

Consult With the Professionals Today

It’s crucial that you get the assistance of local professionals as you tackle macular degeneration. This isn’t a simple condition, and waiting could lead to permanent vision loss. Our team is experienced and qualified in handling this condition. Contact us today to learn how to get a head start against this form of degeneration.