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Reliable Glaucoma Treatment in Memphis, Tennessee

Vital Treatment for Your Vision

We’ve all been taught to care for our bodies as we age. We know that we should eat healthy, exercise and get a full night’s rest. However, not a lot of emphasis is put on your eyes. You may have been told not to look directly at the sun as a child, but there is much more to having good ocular health than avoiding bright light. If you’ve noticed a deterioration in your vision, don’t wait to get the immediate help you need. 

What Is Glaucoma?

Simply put, glaucoma is a disease that affects your eye’s optic nerve. It commonly occurs when fluid builds up in your cornea, which then damages the nearby nerve and inhibits your ability to see. There are two major types of this infliction, and they have slightly different symptoms and causes. 

Open-Angle Glaucoma

This type of glaucoma is painless and may be hard to detect at first. It is the most common form of this disease and occurs when your eye does not drain fluid properly. As a result, pressure builds up and begins to damage the optic nerve. Occasionally, a person is born with an unusually sensitive optic nerve, which puts them at a higher risk for this condition.

Angle-Closure Glaucoma

This variant of the disease is not as common, but it is extremely serious. It occurs when your iris is very close to the drainage angle in your eye. It is a more critical condition because it develops with very few symptoms until you have a sudden attack. The signs of an attack are anything from severe eye pain to feeling sick to your stomach. If you have experienced these symptoms, seek professional help immediately. 

Treating This Condition

The good news is that glaucoma can be managed if it is detected early. It is vital that you visit an eye doctor immediately if your family has a history of this disease or if you have been experiencing symptoms. Our experts will perform a thorough evaluation and determine if eye drops, medication or a surgical procedure will best alleviate your symptoms.

Our Team of Specialists

At Master Eye Associates, we are always ready to treat you. This is why we accept walk-ins and keep our doors open seven days a week. Get the help you need and enjoy effective techniques and beneficial treatments today.