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Eye Infection Specialists for You and Your Family in Memphis, Tennessee

Keep an Eye Out

To properly care for your vision, you should always be aware of the condition of your eyes. Too often, people ignore unusual symptoms or expect that they will simply go away. This allows conditions to get worse over time. Take immediate action if you frequently experience eye pain, irritation or unexplained blurry vision.
Eye Infection

The Aspects of Eye Infections

The Causes

While people assume that an infection is only caused by an outside irritant, many types of discomfort result from a disease. Several viral, fungal and bacterial disorders, such as shingles, can spread throughout your body to affect your eyes. 

The Symptoms

Fortunately, eye infections are generally easy to notice. You may be experiencing redness, itching, discharge or a sensation of grittiness. Swollen eyelids, photosensitivity and pain are also common signs of this condition. 

The Treatments

After your optometrist conducts a thorough exam, we will determine the best treatment for your symptoms. This may include prescribing antibiotics and antifungal medications. If your eye infection is a result of a broader disease, we may need to address that condition first in order for your symptoms to lessen.

Here When You Need Us

Our team at Master Eye Associates is dedicated to providing Memphis, Tennessee, with reliable eye infection treatment. We accept most insurance plans and accept walk-ins so that immediate help is always available to you.