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Get Your Professional Eye Exam in Memphis, Tennessee

It’s Worth Taking the Time

Everyone wants to have good vision. Unfortunately, many people delay scheduling necessary appointments with their eye doctor. It’s common for a person to think that they don’t have a significant enough reason to visit an optometrist. As a result of this thinking, many people live their lives with substandard eyesight. Don’t put off the chance to improve your vision and retain excellent ocular health.

Eye Exam

Our Extensive Evaluations

Firstly, it is important to clarify a common misconception: vision screenings are not eye exams. A vision screening generally only takes a few minutes and is simply meant to detect visual anomalies. An eye exam is performed by a qualified optometrist and is an intensive evaluation of not only your vision but also of the overall health of your eyes.

Detecting Hidden Diseases

Since an eye exam is a thorough analysis of your eyes, a lot of information can be gained from this examination. These evaluations are the only way to catch hidden eye disorders, such as glaucoma. In addition to preserving your ocular health, they also detect early threats to your general well-being, since diseases like diabetes are detectable with
an eye exam. 

Custom Vision Correction

While over-the-counter glasses or contacts may seem like an acceptable solution for your poor vision, they often do more harm than good. It is extremely common for a people to have entirely separate prescription needs for each eye. As a result, when you wear mass-produced lenses, one eye may be put under significant strain and weaken over time. 

Stop the Symptoms

Your eyewear should improve and enhance your life. Frequent headaches or eye fatigue are common signs that you may have substandard vision. Often, these symptoms are a result of frames that put pressure on your head or lenses that are not tailored to your eye’s unique needs. Don’t live with daily pain when one visit could forever change
the way you see.

Our Experienced Optometrists

At Master Eye Associates, we have provided Memphis, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas with comprehensive eye exams for over 40 years. We combine our experience with cutting-edge technology to offer you the best ocular health care available.