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Affordable Contact Lenses in Memphis, Tennessee

Find Your Perfect Fit

In our modern age, advancement in vision correction has skyrocketed. It’s easier now than ever before for you to get corrective lenses that are tailored to your eyes’ exact needs and specifications. Contacts are the prime example of these innovations. From disposables to extended-wear lenses, we offer the perfect product to clear your vision. 

Contact Lenses

Customizing Your Contacts

Have you ever tried to wear contacts, but then you had to stop for some reason? There are several common issues that cause people to discontinue wearing their lenses. If your contacts are not fit for your unique needs, any abnormalities in your eyes may be causing problems or discomfort. Our experienced optometrists provide thorough exams to ensure that your lenses are designed specifically for your vision. 

Our Selections of Contacts


Disposable contacts are perfect for people who use their lenses infrequently. We offer top-quality brands and daily, two-week and one-month disposable lenses. ​

Conventional Contact Lenses

Nothing beats a classic. Our soft contact lenses can be fitted to your eyes’ specifications. Ideally, they should be replaced on a yearly basis to protect your ocular health. ​

Colored Contact Lenses

Want to embellish your looks while enhancing your vision? We provide contacts in a variety of colors, from barely perceptible tints to vivid and iridescent patterns. ​

Toric Contacts

While they may look exactly the same as regular contacts, toric lenses have significant benefits for certain conditions. They are made for people who have spherical or cylindrical aberrations, such as astigmatism.​

Bifocal Contact Lenses

When most people hear the term bifocal, they generally imagine glasses. However, we provide contacts that are specifically designed to provide multifocal vision correction. 

Our Exams

During your initial exam, our certified optometrists will determine if you can wear contact lenses. Everything from your prescription to the curvature of your eye is measured and evaluated. Afterward, your doctor will decide which type of lens will be best for you. They will then be ordered and may require an additional visit for fitting. You may also receive a trial pair if they are available in the office. ​

Walks-Ins Welcome Seven Days a Week

Are you ready to drastically improve your vision? At Master Eye Associates, we are open seven days a week and accept walk-ins. This ensures that you always have capable assistance available to you. We carry every brand of contacts so that you can get everything you need from us.